Our services include provision of integrated HSE and Quality services together as SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) Management Systems including: SHEQ Impact Assessment - Basic Assessments, SHEQ and Social due diligence, SHEQ and Social Health Impact assessment, SHEQ Audits, Environmental Control and Inspections, SHEQ Management Programmes, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Training, Heritage Impact Assessments, Legal Compliance, Permitting Licence Applications. Specialist Services - Air Analysis, Air Quality/Dispersion Modelling, Aquatic Ecology, Bats Studies, Biodiversity Management/Avifaunal, Bird Studies, Climate, Commissioning and or Decommissioning Studies, Community Engagement/Public Participation, Contaminated Land monitoring, Development Economist, Dust Fall-out Monitoring, Ecology, Effluent Management, Energy Management, Environmental and Social Audits and Due diligence assessment/audits in terms of Funders’ requirements etc. 11.